Distinct features of Great Websites.

Distinct features of Great Websites.

A company website represents your business to your world, are you represented well to your audience? Read on to know if you're well represented.

Websites are marketing tools used by companies to reach their target audience and as such should Portray the business in the best light possible. To tell whether your website is effectively representing your business here are the distinctive features to look out for.

1. Well Designed and Functional
Design is relatively personal, even then for your website to be considered well designed it needs to be visually appealing to visitors. Your website should be simple, elegant and functional
The content layout should be uncluttered, contents should be carefully placed. Ensure your website looks polished and professional.

2. Easy to Use
Navigations for your website must be visible, visitors should be able to find information quickly. The company's contact information should be readily accessible, including location details such as Google maps is a plus for your website.

3. Responsive Design.
Responsiveness means your webpages are rendered well on various devices by adjusting to different screen sizes. This is a key requirement for modern websites, it helps to increase time users spend on your website.

4. Relevant Quality content.
Share useful business information that will position you as a leader in your market. Include fresh interesting information that will keep your audience entertained and informed. Use simple language that easy for your audience to relate with, avoid jargon and use spellings properly.

5. Purpose /Clear calls to action
The purpose of your website must be clearly defined to avoid losing potential clients. Include your mission statements and critical information that your customers look for. Put clear calls to action that will encourage visitors to take action. Whether to purchase, subscribe to a service or place an order. The content on your website should be of high quality and relevant to your business.

6. Optimized for Search Engine and Social Web
Your website should be optimized in terms of data speeds, search engines,
To optimize for search engines :

  • Use page titles and meta tags on every page and alt tags on every image
  • Use keywords appropriately in content and links.
  • Optimize content on your site to align with words that people search for.
  • Use Cascading Style Sheets for layout and keep your HTML code clutter-free.
  • Ensure your website's loading speeds are fast to encourage visitors to your website


You need to ensure that your website is secure and uses SSL encryption.

Why you need an SSL is;

  • It encrypts Sensitive Information.
  • Protects You From Cybercriminals.
  • Builds trust with your customers, the easy to identify signs inform users that they send will be secured.
  • It’s a requirement by google not following it will give you poor ranking and loss of visitors.
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