Need Help starting your Social media strategy?

Is your business using social media to build brand awareness? Get some insights today to help you start your social media strategy.

Social media can be a curse and a blessing depending on what angle you choose to look from. Social media like a double-edged sword can be used by businesses to build their brand, on the other hand, it can be a weapon that can destroy the reputation of your business. If carefully utilized Businessess are able to maximize their profit margins.

With the increasing variety of Social media platforms. There is a need, to understand your target audience and where they are found in social networks. In Kenya, Facebook is currently ranked as the first with 60.28% followed by Pinterest at 22.38%, Twitter at 12.16% then Instagram, Youtube and Linked In at less than 3% of users according to statistics.

Once you have identified where your target audience spends most of their time on social media you will be in a position to come up with a plan of action. Facebook by reason of popularity would be the ideal tool for optimizing your presence digitally. Tools such as Facebook insights have dashboards containing statistics and graphs. This enables you to measure social media activities, to analyze and improve on.

Instagram is associated with generation Z, for products and services targeted to this group Instagram business would be useful to reach this target market. Instagram stories offer a fun and creative way to engage your customers to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

On Twitter, Tweets, hashtags and twitter list can be used to market your products and services. Hashtags and live-tweet can get your topics trending and receive real-time responses from your customers. Another way to advertise is to use promoted tweets, accounts and trends.

A Linked In profile will help B2B businesses meet professionals share information and connect with them. Your profile itself is a marketing tool to highlight your area of expertise so make it outstanding. WhatsApp groups that are beneficial to it where you can tell your potential clients what your business does and engage with them and even convert them to loyal customers.

Every business that wants to increase leads and sales, engage with the target audience, distribute branded content, promote discounts and offers and provide support for their customers can use social media platforms. Businesses stand to gain more by using these tools and measuring the outcome of each to determine if it’s the right tool for yours.

Remember every business is unique so try various social media platforms, measure the effectiveness of each and settle on what works for your business!

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