Why you need a one-page website!

SMEs currently play a key role in economic development and job creation in Kenya. More and more businesses are in cut-throat competition to dominate the market share.

So why do you need a one-pager? First, they best suit businesses looking to showcase business information quickly and concisely in a format easy to navigate. Prospects for one-page websites are personal portfolios and websites for businesses that sell only a few products or services. Also, one-page designs have limited space that makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for quickly.

It’s easier for you to keep the focus on the most important information or elements of your business. Picture saving significant amounts of time in design and maintenance, quickly updating the contents of your website since all the content is in one place. Now you can take advantage of the on-page website and get your business noticed in the digital space.

In terms of pricing, the one-page website is a less expensive option in comparison to a website with numerous pages. We have 3 great offers at EAC Directory LLC on our website builder. Our starter plan offers you a one-page website at Kshs 3,999 per year and Kshs 499 per month. With the site builder, It’s so easy to learn and quickly design your website without any coding skills.

Neither do you need a webmaster to maintain your website as you can Do It Yourself and save on time and money. Alternatively, if you are busy, our dedicated team of web designers can help you get your website up and running in a few days at a small fee.

Visit our website www.eacdirectory.net and Order your website builder today!

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