Want to Design Amazing websites?

Do you want to design a website in the shortest time possible? using our website builder is definately the way to go, here is the design process to guide you along.

It's so amazing to be able to create a website within a matter of days. For professional web designers, it takes less time to design because they already have a process they follow. It may seem easy at first but don’t be fooled it takes skills, creativity and a plan to come up with amazing web designs that your customers will be dazzled with.

Have you gone through our website builder and feel you're ready to design or redesign your website. Before you go into the design process you need a plan that will guide you through the process. Whether you are designing for your company or for a client you need to first step is to Identify your goal/vision for the website. Some questions to ask yourself or your client are

  • What's the purpose of your site? Is it to sell, inform or entertain.
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What information do you want to pass across, what info will users hope to find?
  • What calls to action should be included in the design.
  • Who are your competitors, how can your design be different from competitors

The second step is to define the scope of the project, this is important as you or your clients can start out with one goal but during the design process, it evolves and completely changes to a different design altogether. This could interfere with the budget and time frames of the project and end up being unrealistic. Having a contract in place when dealing with clients could help in this process.

The third step is to have a sitemap or a layout of the website you intend to design. It's the foundation for a well-designed website. You will need to create a mock-up website that will give a clear picture where every content will be placed on the website. In order to do this look for inspiration for the design. You can find lots of inspiration from our website which have samples of designs also our web builder has templates that will inspire your designs.

The fourth step is content creation, once you have your framework you can begin work on the written content. It is important to note that the content of your website will determine the level of engagement with your potential customers. Ensure that your content engages readers and leads them to take action to meet the site’s goals. Consider using short paragraphs and the visual elements that will capture the attention of your readers.

The fifth step is to test the website, check the links of your website if they are working properly using the preview on the website builder you can check how the website will look on various devices which is termed as responsiveness. The sixth and final step is to publish, take note before you publish you need the approval of the customer, that’s once they have confirmed they are satisfied with the design.

We do offer design consultations for clients who buy the website builder to design their websites as well as our customers who we design their websites to manage their own content. To know more about our website builder and order your website builder, click on https://eacdirectory.net/signup to have a free trial.

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