Why you need a one-page website!

SMEs currently play a key role in economic development and job creation in Kenya. More and more businesses  are in cut-throat competition to dominate the market share.

Most small businesses rely on referrals as a source for new clients, offering discounts to retain customers and giving quality services to keep your customers loyal. While this approach works does it really give you the best returns on investment or do you feel like your crazy discounts make you earn less and isn’t making business sense anymore. Worst of all, you could be making losses or business isn’t growing at the speed you expect it?

To constantly attract and retain customers in a competitive business arena while keeping a steady increase in revenue is the cause of sleepless nights for many business owners. Why remain stuck in the old way of doing things, when you can decide to change and join the digital space. Smart businesses are taking advantage of the digital environment. Why should you be left behind?

Moving into the digital space can be what sets you apart from your competitors. The costs of getting a website should not hold you back as the benefits are far much greater. A one-page website is a good option to kick start your digital journey. A one-page website is where all the contents of your website are on one page. To see an example of a one-page design click on this link insuranceawards.co.ke

So why do you need a one-pager website? First, you will showcase your business information quickly and concisely in a format easy to navigate. With a One-page website, you can create portfolios for your businesses, visitors can find information about your business faster, Picture saving significant amounts of time in design and maintenance, quickly updating the contents of your website since it’s all in once page. Lastly, you can focus on the most important elements of your business which makes your business more productive.

EAC Directory LLC has 3 great offers on our website builder Our starter plan offers you a one-page website at Kshs 3,999 per year and Kshs 499 per month. With the site builder, It’s so easy to learn and quickly design your website without any coding skills.
There's is no need for a webmaster to maintain your website as you can Do It Yourself and save on time and money. Alternatively, you can consult our talented and dedicated team of web designers to get your website up and running in a few days at a small fee.

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