Why you need a Landing page for your website.

 When a client visits your office or physical shop, you desire they take some action after your interaction. Does your website do the same for your online visitors?

Your website represents your business, online visitors now know you exist and what products and services your business offers. Once they have visited do you prompt them to purchase or leave contacts for future follow-ups?

To avoid wasting opportunities, consider having a landing page. A landing page is a dedicated page on your website to encourage the visitor to purchase or to subscribe to a particular product or service. On the landing page, you can lead a customer to a specific product, service or offer and encourage them to take an action. This is quite different from your home page as it is designed to get the visitor's information via a web form.

Once you have made the effort to get clients to visit your website you can easily convert them to customers. Having a landing page is useful for getting insights on your prospects e.g demographics and products they prefer. It shows your product offers to your prospective clients and encourages them to make purchases, therefore, increasing sales revenues.

A good landing page is one that helps you collect specific information on prospects, zeroes in on an offer, focused and free from distractions and last but not the least, the web forms are user-friendly.
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