Why you need to Optimize your website for SEO

Businesses are investing heavily on websites so as to reach a larger audience with the hope of building their brand. Once your online you need to maximize opportunities.

Any investment a business makes is expected to yield tangible results, without which a cause for alarm arises. be that your website isn't appealing to your target market needs. It doesn't capture all the information your customers need therefore, hindering your visibility.

Another scenario is that there’s traffic to your website but not necessarily translating into sales revenue. If your business is facing one or both scenarios then you will need to quickly take appropriate action to fully benefit from your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is a powerful tool for your business to increase the ranking of your website on the search engines. SEO is the process of businesses making changes on their websites to increase the visibility of their website when organic searches are done.

An organic search is when you go to your browser and type keywords and the search engine returns a listing of pages related to your search. To Understand how SEO works you need to first understand how search engines work. To deliver the right content search engines consider 2 key things. one is how relevant your content is to the search query, two the Authority of your website, gauged by the popularity of your website.

If your business offers viable products or services on your website SEO will help to ;
1. Generate traffic, leads, and sales to your business website as well as drive offline sales
2. Market your business without paying for advertisements.
3. create dividends for your business in the long run.
4. Ensure a steady rise in your brand awareness and eventually more lead conversions.
5. tell the source of the traffic to their sites, measure conversion rates and progress of your search rankings.
6. High ranks on search engines such as Google will build trust and credibility with your audience.

EAC directory recommends the use of tools such as Google Analytics which provides data on all traffic on your website. Keyword tools, page speeds insights to start you off on Optimizing your website. You also have an option to contact a professional who can optimize your website. 

The most popular your website is the more valuable the content is to users is the assumption that google has, this analysis is done using algorithms only known to Google.
Based on this understanding your business needs to use keywords and topics relevant to your industry, ensure your content ties well with your title so that you can rank highly on search engines.

If you haven’t started the digital journey yet or are looking for a unique experience in the digital space. EAC is always available to help you on your journey.
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