Become a developer today

EAC directory is looking for persons to join our Approved Developers pool. You will be an independent contractor.

As part of the interview process, we require all candidates to perform the following task.

Task: Duplicate a website using our website builder (Please note that there is NO coding involved).

Once completed, the sample should be almost similar to



  1. Sign up for 30 day Test account. Click Here
  2. With the provided credentials, login to the website builder editor. Click here
  3. Proceed to download the resources provided from the link provided. Click here
  4. Follow the video below, and complete the website. 
  5. Send the completed link ( URL ) to info<at> The subject to be the URL e.g.
  6. Candidates to be contacted for the next interview process via email.

Applications are invited from persons above 18years of age.


Additional resources are available on the Youtube channel. Click here


Note:    Please do not contact us via phone for any sort of help. This is the essence of the interview.




Part 1

Part 2

Part 3