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Earn a living building better websites

Every business needs to be online. The vast majority of SMEs are not yet online because of Trust, cost, maintainability, reliability and availability

Our website builder seeks to resolve this issue(s).

By spending about 60 minutes, you can make for an SME a website that meets most business needs.

The website builder Software and Hosting of the website costs Kshs. 3,999 per year. Making a website costs at least Kshs. 5,000 then handover the site to the SME

You can charge the SME on training of how to manage their website or even charge them for maintenance if you are the one maintaining the site

1. YouTube

You can learn from our channel from here

2. Training at our office

We also train people at a one time fee of Kshs. 9999. The training lasts up to 3hrs. To register, fill the form provided.