Looking for people to join our team

Kindly NOTE that for you to join our team, the following is expected of you:

  • Given our culture and structure we prefer persons who are NOT currently employed elsewhere. Please don't quit your job to come give us a try.
  • We expect very high levels of discipline and we take our work seriously. No joy riding and people do not forget tasks given. There is no person to remind you about anything.
  • Internet access: To facilitate flexibility to work from home, you will be required to be residing in an area with home fiber. The company pays for the internet bills.
  • Upon joining our team, you will be taken through a two-week THOROUGH training during which time we will determine whether or not you fit in and you will also decide if you can work with the team in place.

We are Hiring!!

We are looking for persons to join our team (Accounts, Marketing, HR, Support e.t.c). As part of the interview process, we require all candidates to perform the following task as we are mainly looking for skills and not papers.(Please note that there is NO coding involved in this task.)

Interview Part 1

Task: Duplicate a website using our website builder

Once completed, the sample should be a duplicate of liberty.ke


  1. Click Here to create a free account. You will be required to verify your email address once your account is set up.
    Attached screenshot shows that your email has not been verified

2. Click Here to place a free order. You will be provided with a username and a password.

3. With the provided credentials, Click here to login to the website editor, a software that will enable you to complete the task.

4. Click here to download the resources (photos. etc.) required to complete the task.

5. Follow the video and complete the website.

6. Send the link (URL) with the completed website via email to hello[at]eacdirectory.net.

On the email, you will be sending:

a) Place the URL of your website, xxxx.eacdirectory.net, as the subject of your email

b) Indicate preferred department/section to work in e.g. human resources, sales, Marketing, accounts, support, operations e.t.c

c) Indicate whether you have any of the following;

i. KRA pin

ii. NSSF

iii. NHIF

d) How did you get to know about us?

e) In not less than 200 words, explain your experience on using the website editor and probable suggestions on improvement. (See your word count from here)

f) What do you know about us?

7. Successful candidates to be contacted for the next interview stage via email.

Additional resources are available on the Youtube channel. Click here

Note:    Please do not contact us via phone for any help concerning this task. The essence of the interview is that you follow the instructions given.